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Import support for type1, type2, and 2up fonts.Markup assistant: Automatically add color shades, notes, dimensions, and other details to your drawings, either in 2D or 3D space. (video: 1:25 min.)Adjusting a 3D model to the 2D screen plane.Selection improvements:Extend selection to the endpoints of your selection, which means that you can use one tool to create selection that spans multiple objects.Split tool: Select several objects in a drawing, and use one of your tools to isolate and create a subselection that only contains the specified objects.Canvas improvements:Easily move or resize the canvas with keyboard shortcuts.Canvas tab: Contains tools to adjust and move the canvas, as well as command ribbon to make basic canvas modifications.New chart types:Histogram (new).Constant width box (new).Polar histogram (new).Sector histogram.Bivariate histogram.Additional new commands:Extract (new).Align (new).Extract based on object (new).Lasso (new).Polyline (new).Line snap (new).Camera tool (new).Drawing history (new).AddressesToolbox toolbar:Right-click an item in the drawing space to access an additional context-sensitive menu.2D and 3D:The command palette has two new icons, "Deref" and "Refine", and an additional four commands on the "Home" tab.2D:The "Home" tab has a new icon, "Commands", which includes the following commands:2D: "Goto" allows you to quickly navigate to a previously created location."Snap to" allows you to quickly snap to a specific location in the drawing."Snap to" is the same as the "Snap" tool, but it can only snap to 2D drawing objects, such as lines, arcs, circles, squares, and rectangles.3D: The "Home" tab has a new icon, "Explore", which includes the following commands:3D: "Goto" allows 2be273e24d

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